OT - Matrix Build your Own Nebuchadnezzar


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Hey all, my brother just found this and it looks awsome. ok to get to it,

go the matrix website: www.thematrix.com

next click on Enter Low Bandwidth

Then click on Breaking News

ok on the second paragraph click on Nebuchadnezzar assembly kit.

Then just Download and enjoy. I'll let you all know how it is when I finish getting it.



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Hah! I laugh at low bandwith

Cool! Thanks! I'm downloadign mine right now.


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Aww damnit.
I clicked on the thread thinking that maybe there was a model kit or tutorial or something on making an actual scale Nebuchadnezzar.


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maybe someone should pay close attention to all the peices then make and mold them and sell the actual nebuchanezzar models kits to the board members


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Guillermo Centeno created one of the resin kits that was available some time ago. It looks like he is still offering the kit in two versions...with and without lights. Here's the link to the Buy page. Kit isn't cheap, but it's a beautiful piece when completed.

The NEB - the kit
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