Original vs. reconstructed lightsaber props

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    So, I was bumming around online and found this. I remember much arguing over the original lightsaber grip material on Vader's ROTJ hilt. Some noticed a red/brown material underneath the paint. Others, if I remember correctly, brushed this off as something else? Not sure, but on this website they have one of the ESB static Graflex hilts, and boy does it look the same. You can even see the places where they cut up the track for rivets.


    AND if I'm not mistaken, one of the original ANH hilts has a little circle hole in the middle of the edge of the grip, just like old T track would have had. Picture 2, side grip


    Looks to be all one solid piece, and does actually look to be maroon underneath.

    Just thought I'd share,

    Tom D.
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    Re: Original T Track material - revisited

    Those aren't the correct grips (or D-ring mount).
    This prop is generally believed to be fake or at least re-converted meaning that there are no original add-on parts left.
    There was a Stormtrooper blaster and Vader saber from the same source with the same suspicious grips. The profile of that T-rack doesn't match any of the track on screen used props.
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    Re: Original T Track material - revisited

    Wow, haha thank you Chris. are there any photos displaying both?

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