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HI all, it's been a while since I have posted but at my forum you can see the original nightmare on elm street glove finger used in the opening scene.
I have had this since 1984
come and check it out
I also will be a guest with the Friday the 13th cast at the midwest Horrorfest this June 13th - 15th and will have the prop on display there

if not a member sign up and check it out...



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Waiting on forum authorization..
I'll be at MWHC with the Netherworld crew & will look ya up!

Tyler Durden

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Kenny Boy, I'm glad you finally went with the pink and whites! :lol

Oh yea, awesome find!
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Tyler Durden

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FIND?:rolleyes you know I have had this forever.. I just let stuff out a little at a time I might give you all heart attacks if I release everything at once:lol
You having it and you finding it in your hanger are two entirely different things. :lol
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