a nightmare on elm street

  1. madebyap

    Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Paper Mache Nancy's House

    Good morning and happy Fall everyone! This is the time of year where horror movies are on loop in my house. I love the end of September through October haha. I've been a fan of the Elm Street series since the first one came out in 1984. Due to the irresponsibility of my parents, and a lack of...
  2. Ash

    Any help with a silicone mask question?

    Hey everybody! So I utilized our handy dandy search feature and didn't quite find an answer to what I was looking for. I have recently purchased Sinister Studios "Incubus Deluxe Freddy Krueger" silicone mask and glove combo and although not as accurate as some are to replicating the look of...
  3. Mr Mold Maker

    Nightmare On Elm Street Part 1 Freddy Glove

    Hey folks! Been a while since I’ve had anything to share. I had some free time, and I’ve always really wanted to make myself a Freddy Glove. I had made attempts years ago that never quite reached my standards. Happy to say that I’ve just made my first Part One Glove, and I am thrilled with the...
  4. bradtdkrises

    monster boots for Jason

    Has anyone used the monster boots by funtasma? And how are they? and how are the sizes? I wanted to use them for Jason Voorhees cosplay....I have a pair of gotham 100 for batman and those work great...just wondering about the monster boots...thanks!
  5. bradtdkrises

    Freddy Krueger cosplay for my 14yr old son

    My son decided to do a Freddy to go with my Jason at cons, halloween, etc etc... Here are some pics of the build. The mask is latex made by Donnie Drumm but painted by me. The sweater is a goodwill find and painted stripes. The glove is a Halloween glove we had..but modified to a leather glove...
  6. bradtdkrises

    Question about color palette for Freddy mask

    I'll be painting a Freddy mask for the first time and was wondering if there were any tutorials? or suggestions on the color palette? I've seen some pictures where he is more browns...and some with more red in the burns...and some look kind of a pink base...lol any help would be great! Thanks!
  7. GhostWithThMost

    My First© Freddy Glove! *pic and sarcasm heavy *

    Hi guys; being on this site has emboldened me to branch out my prop making ways. I decided to tackle a project that I've wanted to do for a long time: An all metal (except for the glove, natch) Freddy glove. I looked around and found a template I liked, then I gathered up my materials: Three...
  8. bradtdkrises

    feedback on a new weathering technique

    I'm trying something new for weathering on a FvJ jacket...this is scrap burlap, and the color seems to run together in this pic (its more greenish in person) but I'm going for a moldy, dirty, grime look....this is my first try.. Am I going in the right direction? and I'm open to suggestions too...
  9. T

    Silicone Mask Help

    Hello RPF. I'm 16 (I know my profile says I'm like 30 or something but I was just worried that I wouldn't be able to post or anything if I said I was 13 when I made this account) and I love the Nightmare on Elm Street series. So I really want to make a realistic Freddy Krueger cosplay thing...
  10. Cbstudios

    Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare Glove Replica

    Hey guys, Finished a new project last week, after binge watching the Nightmare on Elm Street films again. I haven't done a Freddy Glove build from scratch in over ten years, so I really just wanted to challenge myself to doing a difficult build. Started with the Rough shapes penned out on the...
  11. bradtdkrises

    Friday the 13th Jason display and hockey mask

    Part 7 display and hockey mask that I painted. Just wondering how they look! Feel free to ask any questions you may have !
  12. bradtdkrises

    question on bloody machete

    I have a Jason Voorhees cosplay/costume..I want to add blood to the machete, but I have a question. I'm using perma-blood on a real machete. I did duct tape it for safty reasons and then added paint to look like rust and grime..so, I'm thinking the blood should be smeared from "Jason" shoving it...
  13. bradtdkrises

    Friday the 13th Freddy vs Jason hockey mask

    This is another Freddy v Jason hockey mask I just finished...any thoughts?
  14. bradtdkrises

    Latex mask painting

    I'm new to painting latex and had a question. Can you use latex house paint as a base? Or should I just go with liquid latex mixed with paint? Thank you!
  15. SaintNoOne

    Rob Zombie's Halloween Remake Paper Prop

    I know I am going to be in the minority here but I have always liked Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween and I even somewhat enjoyed the second one. In the two movies Dr. Loomis writes 2 books and I think it would be awesome to have them. I found some photos via google search but nothing print...
  16. T

    Twisted Nightmares - Roberto Mask

    Just wanted to let those interested, of the new mask we are about to release. These are final photos of the sculpt prior to molding, which will be done over the weekend. It was a tedious task but we set out to make one of the most detailed silicone Freddy masks available. Hope you like what...
  17. BlooDSheD

    Nightmare on Elm Street - Springwood Slasher

    I think it would be sweet for some springwood slasher news clippings. Like Freds book in Vs movie. I might have a go at a couple tonight but if any one has someid really appreciate them. BlooDSheD
  18. D

    screenused Nightmare on Elm Street pt 5 & 6 Freddy hero stunt glove

    hi there, got a new screenused prop !!! the freddy krueger hero stunt glove from NOES pt5 & 6 !!! this was the main stunt with most details and amazing weathering. comes signed twice by freddy himself and heather langenkamp too. in addition there is a lot of paperwork (from KNB and former...
  19. F

    Original Nightmare prop

    HI all, it's been a while since I have posted but at my forum you can see the original nightmare on elm street glove finger used in the opening scene. I have had this since 1984 come and check it out I also will be a guest with the Friday the 13th cast at the midwest Horrorfest this June 13th -...