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    Its pretty weird that though Bond travelled on it, and there have been a couple of "murder on the" movies, I have never seen a ticket for the Orient Express anywhere. Are there any images available, do they come in a folder? I would like to try this as a cool prop but every time I look for an image I just end up with a travel agent site!!!:cry
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    If you google "orient express ticket" and look under images, it throws up a number of tickets and folders.

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    Thanks for that but I was looking for an image of Poirots ticket or Bonds. There are a couple of images there i may be able to use. Thanks again
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    Did you find anything useful?
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    I did this rebuild of the luggage sticker several years ago.


    There are lot's of sites that feature travel and hotel ephemera, ebay is also a good source for images (or the real thing).
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    As far as a good ticket from around the 1920's or 30's, there is nothing out there. I have been looking for years. Some one will have to maybe get something from a book or other media.

    Good luck. Best thing might be to copy a train ticket from the period and then slap Orient Express on it.


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