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Hello all,

First official post here on the RPF! Hope all of ya'll are doing well.

I was looking to replicate the TIME magazine feaaturing RDJ as Lewis Strauss in 'Oppenheimer'. I understand the cover art has been released, and talking to several crew members who worked on the production, the inside pages were taken directly from the real copy, with actor's photos swapped for the real historical figures. Would anyone have any information on how to go about this? Thank you!
I haven't watched the movie yet and you haven't taken a screenshot of the movie so I can give you an answer.

But I think, in our age, there is no difficulty, to compare what was in the film with what was in reality, and make yourself a memorable prop.
Making props is very easy.

1. It is necessary to thoroughly review all frames of the required props in the film. Create a folder, for example, I call it in every project - a sample.

2 The second stage is what you said. It's a conversation with the writers. Gathering information again.

3. We comprehend what is shown to us in a film or series, and look for dependencies or similarities.

How do I work? I just take it and do it. Yes, I created a lot of terrible props, I'm looking at them now, and I'm ashamed.

I created fourteen versions of Star Trek's command tie patches. But I'm not happy with them. And I won't show it to anyone, because it's terrible. I take care of your eyes and nerves.

You just need to take it and do it, root for your favorite business in order to do it better.

P.S. Forgive me for my tediousness. I just love this forum.

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