One year later...

American Dragon

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Well guys, here you go, I guess you can say my four proton packs are DONE.... Just added the labels and am I glad to be over with it. I have been working on these packs for the last year. I am estimating I have spent well over $1,600 in supplies, electronics, etc. I still have all my receipts so I will be sure to someday type all those up and give you all a good idea of what it costs to put packs like these together.

Here is a classic photo of the packs in the beginning. IsnÂ’t it beautiful?

Currently in the works are 2 traps. The doors open manually and plan to add some static LEDÂ’s in the traps. I still have a lot of work ahead on these so wish me luck.

This is my personal KUD meter. A definite one of a kind.



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Let me be the first to say...WOW. Those look fantastic.. I love the before and after photos too, it all looks very very impressive to me, defo money well spent. :)

Many thanks for sharing, those look awesome.


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Very nice dude. I have to have one, its one of those must have props. maybe one day when i stop being a lazy bum :lol



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Is there a website or builders group that has the blueprints for making these from wood and other materials as you did. Looks great and seems like a very do-able project. I dont even really need mine to be 101% accurate just as close as i can get and yours look out of this world. LMK if you can give up any helpful resources for scratch building one



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AAron, fantastic job on those. Will you be bustin' at Wizard World Chicago this summer?


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Wow those are really sweet. Thats one of my next projects I've got the plans just no time.

Great job fantastic. You should be proud.