Oh look an MPC Falcon Build.. that's an original idea....


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Another MPC build….

I have had this kit for over a decade and the thought of tackling it (beyond and out of the box build) has always horrified me. I eagerly built two of these in my university days and they were badly finished with a GW Skull White drybrush over the bare plastic.

Anyway – gee’d on by my recent Battletank scratchbuild and looking towards the UK IPMS next year I wanted to try something that would test my skills and maybe form a basis for some new skills.

So this got pulled out of the stash. - the 1996 ROTJ boxing of the original kit, not the recent one with the revised parts.

I have Will’s (Archive and Future) upgrade set for the side walls, engine deck and a few other parts. I also intend to add extra detail through scratch building.

Having stared with the engine deck, I’m not comfortable with trying to reshape The A&F lovely resin deck in order to conform to an attempt to correct the shape of the Falcon. So right from the start I’ve made the decision that I will not attempt to get this as close as possible to any studio version of the Falcon. So, let’s call this an ‘interpretation’ and not ‘screen accurate’. I do intend to get hold of some Archive X paints to try and give it justice from a painting perspective – ‘poor model good paint job’ and all that…

I have made some progress, and it’s becoming apparent that this will be a lengthy one so I thought I might as well document the build here. To date the resin engine deck and some of the mandible wells have been added, along with some chips (is that what they are called?) and a few replacement parts from styrene and brass rod.

I have also remove a lot of flash and cleaned out the edges of the armor plates where the little rectangular chips have been molded on. This last activity is barely noticeable but adds to the overall scale effect nicely when viewed from a distance.


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