Question Newbie needs advice on bumping a thread (answered)


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I'm very new here, and not really a pro when it comes to all things forum in general.

On the third of this month (Aug) I started a thread "Vader Helmet Feedback" in the Replica Costumes forum. I'm hoping to have some experts out here help me determine the origins of my piece. I stuck up some pics and got a couple comments only. One member mentioned that the ANH experts would probably "chime in."

I realize it's only been five days, but as much activity as there is out here, I see my post has been buried.

Is there anything I can do within forum etiquette to bring my post to the attention of those that may share their expertise?

You are welcome to "bump" (make a new post in) the thread with more information, pics or just simply stating that you are still looking for information. It's best to wait a couple of days (which you have) before bumping it, and then, if you still don't have any responses after bumping it three or four times, it's time to just let it go. If you want to, you can always bring it back after some time has passed as we do not remove (prune) any threads from the prop forum.
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