New York Comic Con 2015 Cosplay


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Hey guys...thought I'd start up a thread for this years NYCC...yes its still months away, but I wanted to set this up for everyone and anyone attending this year (if you were lucky enough to get your tickets online or at Midtown when they go on sale) and maybe this will help some of us New York cosplayers and prop makers that troll The RPF network a little...well, at least for my own selfish need till I set up a Facebook account just for NYC cosplaying... :)
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So last year I barely finished my costumes and I wanna get a good start on keeping up with my progress (meaning not procrastinating) and finish this year feeling better about my work. Now dont get me wrong, my siblings and I had a ball...


...I just wish I had done a better job is all...but everything still ended up looking pretty decent in my opinion :)
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I'll be taking my daughter who is going to do a nerdy version of Harley Quinn... shes asked me to Cosplay with her, shes 16 and this will be her 2nd con, but her 1st NYCC. I'll start posting up photos as we get into the actual costume work.


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Well me and my girlfriend are looking for a group for cosplay for nycc if anyone is looking for that sort of thing.

Will most likely start a thread about it :/P

Starbuck Cospla

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I will be there along with my podcast cohost and another good friend of ours. We are doing a group cosplay one day that we are calling The Stark Girls. We will be wearing bomber jackets with the classic Stark Logo on the back if you see us. I am also building Peggy Carter as Captain America (already started a thread) and possibly building Jane Doe from Blindspot or reusing my Hannibal from last year. Can't wait to see you all there! This will be my fifth year at NYCC, so if you have any questions, please ask!
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