New to RPF want to make a lightsaber HELP


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I know I'll get som flack for this, but here goes.

I've been looking around RPF for a whole, and really admire a lot of the work that goes into this. I want to build a lightsaber.

I want to do it right, which I know can be costly. I'm hoping to start with the Obi light saber. Can someone point me to a good parts list and a build thread?
I know it requires a grenade and what not. Just help me out.

hey! welcome to the rpf!
yeah, your probably gonna get a stern talking to by someone about using the serch bar and all that crap, so i might as well help. if your trying a first lightsaber build and doing it using real parts, id suggest starting with a luke saber from either anh or esb. for one thing, itll be a few hundred $ cheeper. and itll also be much easier to find parts for. i used a parks replica graflex for my anh saber and i only spent about $120 on mine in all but i used a conversion kit from ebay but if you want nicer than that theres plenty of places to get the parts. ive always wanted a good looking obiwan anh saber but i dont have much money so ive never been able to find a good one for under $200 and building one out of real parts would cost WAY more than that.

thats just my input, if you have the money then go for the obi wan!
I did a basic search. I'm not new to forums, and I know those who don't feel like doing re leg work usually get yelled at. Lol

Maybe I should have asked for the best thread instead. Most forums have that one guy, or that one thread that everybody knows about because it was the best most comprehensive out there, and I just thought it might be easier to ask.
The OWK ANH saber can come in at a lot of price ranges. I decent replica can go for a few hundred dollars. A real parts saber will cost upwards of 4 grand. What is the budget you'd like to spend? How accurate do you want it to be? How much work are you willing to put into the prop in terms of building it yourself?

One thing that might help you out is that there have been A LOT of different runs of parts for OWK's lightsaber and as such perfectionist have upgraded parts on their sabers a bunch of times. This could benefit you because a lot of people (like me) might have older parts that they would sell to you relatively cheaply.


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here is a indymogul video. links are in the description. several designs for a good shell if your looking to do internal electronics
Lightsaber, Star Wars, Build a Real Lightsaber : BFX - YouTube

i edit in a pic of mine here in a min




probley not exactly what your looking for but there were several tamplets to use and my work on it is definetly not the best. oh and welcome to the rpf!
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Welcome to the RPF! Another good resource (although a little outdated, there have been new discoveries for some of the items) is the parts of Star Wars: ------- The Parts of Star Wars -------- - It's a site that discusses the "found item" parts that most of the props in SW were made from.

The Obi-Wan ANH saber, for example, was made up of found parts. As has already been mentioned, building one using those same found parts can be expensive.
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