new space 1999 models

Pete Schmitz

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I am a huge 1999 fan, at least the first season. I bought the 1/48 eagle and hawk and the commlock/ stungun. I got the metal engine bells for the eagle- my question is this- does anyone know if anyone is offering for the eagle the small thrusters that go on the 4 leg pods in metal, for the hawk any metal engine parts, and metal parts for the stun gun and commlock (I am convinced the end of commlock is a aerator off a kitchen sink). Any help is appreciated


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Did Round 2 discontinue the small metal parts set? It had exactly what you are looking for. I bought one at Wonderfest a number of years back.


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That set didn't include the smaller thrusters, the only way to obtain them is from Mike.
  • MKA014 Deluxe Accessory Pack. Replacement landing legs, vertical take-off bells and rear engine bells. $159.99
  • MKA016 Small Metal Parts Set. 16 rcs bells for shoulder pods. $29.95

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