Limited Run NEW Run 1:1 Star Wars Imperial Commlink (Original Parts) - Worldwide Shipping

1. fearofghsts
2. cadger
3. Dennis Rubarth (FB)
4. Rubibilly
5. Sjenson
6. Daryl Dare (FB)
7. Bobasfett
8. Steve Aguilar (FB)
9. Cinistar
10. Cinistar

5 more spaces to fill and were done folks!
1. fearofghsts PAID
2. cadger PAID
3. Dennis Rubarth (FB) PAID
4. Rubibilly
5. Sjenson PAID
6. Jesse Kirkbride (FB) PAID
7. Bobasfett PAID
8. Steve Aguilar (FB) PAID
9. Cinistar PAID
10. Cinistar PAID
11. Rockbottom PAID
12. Blobcat PAID
13. Blobcat PAID
14. Gratefulbuddy PAID
15. Gratefulbuddy PAID
16. Christopher Williams (FB) PAID
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That’s 9 slots paid for, thankfully with someone new as someone else has pulled out.

Hopefully we get those other slots paid out and we can make it go!
Thats now 14 slots paid for, the 15th needs to be claimed and paid before we can start.

There are 3 places remaining after that, there will be 18 total and when they are full that’s it folks.
The 15 slots we needed are now paid, so I’ve requested the order of materials from the various vendors.

I also have 3 SPARE.

So I can take 3 more payments and then that’s this run all finished up (and due to how hard it was to fill this time round, I probably won’t do it ever again lol).

So if you want one, holla ASAP as I’ll also advertise on Facebook.
Materials paid for an on order folks :)

Those 3 spots are still vacant, promised myself I’d take a break from prop collecting/building after this though, so get em!

The run is being done to help me save up some extra pennies for my wedding day! So you’ll make Mrs Dan happy too lol.
Parts have been super speedy.

Half of them have arrived. The other 50% are in transit or will be shortly.

So this is probably going to be one of the quicker runs for completion! :)

Still have those 3 SPARES for sale. When they are gone, they are gone …
Reade cylinders are arriving any minute!

Still have those 3 spares available and for sale. This is the last time I’m doing it, so if someone wants one, grab it quick!

I’m taking a break from props entirely following this run.

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