New Project, PICS. HALO 2 Master Chief


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just a teaser pic for now.
the visor IS see-through.. though i'm gonna be stepping that up with a nerer version soon.

Yes i know the paint job ain't greta i'm just using this as a test piece untill my metalliac powder pigment arrives.



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Originally posted by LittleOleBountyHunter@Dec 17 2005, 01:40 AM
General, I don't think its a recast...I think its just the statue torn apart...

i have the statue, i was going to rip it apart but it weights a ton as it is.
i popped a copy for just myself nothing more.

i jut wanted to keep the statue and have a nice suit for next halloween.


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if the copy of the statue is being used for costume purposes and ONLY HIS costume purposes theres nothing wrong with it as long as he gives credit to the makers. the makers of this statue do not make costumes, so he is not taking away from their business. If he was to sell the costume, it would be a problem. If he was to make another statue and use it just for himself, to make a display with two masterchiefs that would be a problem.
these rules dont apply in all situations and theyre my own opinion anyway. for example recasting a lightsaber you use for display to make a spare one for a costume is not cool
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