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Hey Guys, so I want to dip my toes in the water of costuming by taking on a project for my favorite comic book character. So I believe (not confirmed) I am the last remaining Spawn fan on earth! I searched on the forums and have seen some incredibly sick projects for Spawn costuming...
As a nooby I have NO idea where to start. I'd really like to do this right the first time. So I guess what I'm looking for are some good links, advice, tutorials... basically anything that could get me on my way.
Thanks guys!


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Hi Syncell,and welcome to the RPF:cheers
I personally have no interest in this character,but a handy page for foam & pepakura crafting would be the JFcustom's foam files thread.
I hope that will help you on your way and I wish you good luck with your build !


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Thank you very much guys!! Those videos were a big help, gave me some great ideas. I'm also checking out that thread now!