New Lord of the Rings films coming

There’s plenty for the both of us…

May the best dwarf win!

I dunno I liked Rings of power and I’ll watch both trilogies at least 1ce a year. I’ll devour the “appendices”. I could always hope there will be involvement by Jackson’s companies at least. Richard Taylor worked on rings of power, many armour similarities.

If 2 Towers focused on Hell’s Deep “too much” it was only because Tolkien did, in the book. Also, Tolkien was all about Adaptability. So that will be the case regardless of what story they film. And I do hope Guillermo gets to do one…
I’m just sad that the excellent animated lotr from 1979(?) never got finished, I saw the 1st part in a Grindhouse theatre in Virginia Beach on the day it was released. I recently watched it, it’s pretty good.
It's a bit like Homeopathy: so much dilution that it's no longer effective and there's no trace of the original left to ingest:rolleyes:
the solution to pollution is dilution.

Unfortunately, when something gets hijacked, the original story is the "pollution."
I must point out that this thread, in a direct and convincing contrast to your doubts, has reached and expanded its pessimistic and creative limits several times. I have never enjoyed so much sarcasm in a single thread and yet more shows up in the next post. It is almost enough to encourage me to believe there really is no end to creativity, no end to the possibilities, no end to the nuances, remembrances and celebrations of all that can be added, changed, reimagined, repurposed, regurgitated, reingested, vomited and dare I say slurped up off the editing room floor in exchange for a dollar. I for one await the possibility that after numerous sequels, prequels and spinoffs, Lord of The Rings might culminate in the grand finale, the perfected, the coalescence of brilliance that Star Wars gave us in .... SPACEBALLS
Lord of the Rings, the towel


I especially like the Optimus Prime color book at 32 seconds

This could slip into interesting scabrous territories...not that I mind the "double entendre" :lol:
I would like to point out that since the original Shwartz and the original precious were both rings prior to the double entendre, this, in point of fact, is "squared entendre". It was a proud moment for me. I would like to thank all those involved in this momentous occasion, my manager, my hairdresser.....
Are you going "Quantum Entendre" on my a**?:lol:
I will just say, mainly because of the fresh inspiration your phrasing has provided, that if we were to go quantum or even multiverse entendre, someone in an alternate RPF would be offering an unlimited run of Rings Of Power and not even get their ad removed as inappropriate by a mod.
I see one possible story already covered when Tommy mention the The War of the Rohirrim. What other obvious gaps in story are there big enough to make a movie? I admit I could not open the original article so would have missed any list they have already shown for possibilities. There is Gandalf's reasearch into the ring, quite a long while. The battles at Gondor. Aragorn's research into the rising evil.... etc. What else? Specifically 3rd age as described earlier.
The Tom Bombadil sequence from The Hobbit. While I certainly didn't miss that part of the book not being in the movies, I know that there are a lot of fans who were upset, or at least disappointed, in its absence. But I'm sure that that whole sequence would be found to be too problematic for a modern audience, at least not as it was written. I'm sure that there are some overly sensitive people out there who would find something in that sequence to be objectionable and have some sort of -ist themes in it.
Oh no!!! :lol :lol
Personnally I'm all for new LOTR, but has to be done right, it has to feel like the same universe as the trilogy, unlike ROP on Amazon. If they manage that, I'll happily watch, and add to my yearly extended edition marathon!

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