New Leather molded Muscle chest


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Hey gang.

its been over a year since i posted my test chest. and i think i've finally cracked it.

now this piece is still a test but it works perfectly and Does Not lose shape. I can bend and flex and it won't wrinkle or distort.

due to the nature of leather there are some imperfections on this test.

i have to trim it all up and add a back and such.

i haven't decided to go Batman on this piece or maybe even a Custom Pred suit
as it has the perfect skin texture

Figured i'd give it a quick once over with some black. turned out a little more grey but i kinda like that

comments and questions welcome.



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wow, really impressive.

how about making a dare devil jacket, didnt that have nuscle definition?


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Hey brother you cracked it , and I just found out your right , I looked into everything, but I had the same idea, I when from embossing to stamping a suit , to foam to sculpture, but the suit must be leather I knew it...well you did .. so my question , I used a,manaquin, or a sculpture, the leather , what type and ones you glue it , how did you take it off the mold , so it won't lose shape.. look brother text me 801 819, 6027 name is nino thanks