New killer klown tribute piece


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I started working on another killer klown piece. Here is how far along i am with Spike.

critiques welcome. thanks for looking.


Here is the maquette, concept

comparison to my Tiny piece

current phase


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That's freaky. I never thought clowns could be scary until this movie. The bit with the hand puppet is still messed up.


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Hey Brian, while searching Google for "Killer Klown sculpts" I came across this thread.
As a beginner in miniature sculpting, your WIP photos inspired me.
Miniatures don't take a lot of time, so I knocked this out in a few hours this weekend.
The core of the head is a thin floral stem wire wrapped in compressed aluminum foil. For the ears I used a small piece of a disposable aluminum baking tin and carefully added a very thin layer of Super Sculpey.




I have since smoothed out the lines with mineral oil, baked it to harden, added teeth, and baked again. He still needs eyes. I don't intend on painting him, but maybe down the road.

Hope you enjoy.
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