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I have decided to create a Jedi costume for this upcoming year. I have found numerous sites and tutorials. However, i am wondering as to everyone's favorite sites and patterns for constructing the tunics and lightsabers. I am also thinking of making it a Corellian Jedi uniform which is described in I, Jedi, so if anyone has any information as to if this is inaccurate then please let me know. Thanks


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I used McCalls 2940, but flaired the sleeves a little more, and you might change the length. For the Tabbards I just measured the width and made 2, and sewed them in places from underneath so you don't see the stitch, which keeps them from falling and slipping. The (obi) fabric belt, I used velcro, but some use hooks or wharever really, I have seen the ends just taper, and wrapped around and the leather belt holds it. I wouldnt reccomend this tho, cuz running around and dueling can cause it to slip. The fabric looks light, but is really close in color and texture, got it at JoAnns. They have white and black and a few tan shades, so you can do your custom Corellian. Or use whatever fabric you want, I guess. Lightsabers? Well depends on how much you want to spend, do you want to build one, want it to light up, etc. A few sources out there for sure. Hope it helps.


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As far as I know, I, Jedi was the first place to describe the somewhat distinctive Corellian Jedi attire. I think Michael Stackpole mentioned it again in his New Jedi Order books, but that was a bout it, so yeah, I'd consider it accurate.

If you haven't already been there, check Amber's Jedi Meditation Chamber at for some good pattern info.


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I want to create Two homemade sabers that will screw together. I was thinking of using a Simplicity 4450 pattern. I know other patterns are out there Any favorites?
Thanks for the help


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I have found the Yellow Box site and am planning to use their directions to create my sabers. has anyone had any success with the site? any more sites?

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I bought a cloak from Speedystitches on eBay really cheap.

I put the rest of the costume together from stuff I had at my house.

An old Kendo top, a cheap belt, combat boots, and baggy pants.

It came a long pretty well and didn't cost that much at all. Plus if you make your own, you won't look like the rest of the jedi at the party. :D

At The Custom you can get all the saber supplies to make an EL saber. They have great instructions in the FORUM section.

I'll try to look for some photos of the costume and saber I made.


Found it, here's the photo:

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