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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by mrcarkeys42, Aug 2, 2015.

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    I am not sure if this was posted already (i am sure it was, but i couldn't find it :( please delete this if it was), so my bad if it was, but the cast of the new ghost busters movie visited a hospital recently in full costume and there are some great shots of the new proton packs.


    Its weird though as they look pretty different from the photos released earlier:


    Here are the rest of the photos:
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    Oh wow, I really dislike those throwers if that's what they're gonna be using. Nice to see the girls visiting hospital's though. I do like actresses they chose too
  3. Valor

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    I'm going to guess the packs and throwers in the hospital shot are NOT screen used. They look SO different from what we've seen in other photos and they looks pretty thrown-together. The suits also lack the GB logo. My guess us the gear was put together for their visit.
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    The hospital packs are a movie variation, as are the no-logo flight suits.
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    As the story goes (just from what I've read on Facebook so completely unreliable) they were filming next to the hospital and were asked by the hospitals management if they would like to visit with the staff and patients, an offer that gladly accepted. So they are probably straight off the set with the gear on.

    It's just what I've read, could be BS, don't shoot the messenger.

    And as much as I admire actors taking the time out of their schedules to do things like this, I think it's awesome, I still can't get that excited about the movie. I want to be, it's just not happening for me.
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    It looks like the variant guns have different coloured beam effects. Looks like one is blue and the other is red?

    It could be that these are another kind of weapon they use like the slime thrower. maybe the different coloured tips mean that they are built for a very specific reason.
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    The black series of circles in the middle... the outer most circle, I'm sure it was 3d printed, but does that look familiar to anyone as far as off the shelf goes?? I was thinking maybe a smoke alarm might give you the shape...

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