New Blood Jason Costume Commission


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Another New Blood costume on the way, now using a Haunted Tactics spine and TTB spine and knees still. They did not match at all as far as paint goes, so I repainted them to match better, as well as match the latex parts I am making and the mask I fully repainted as usual. Stay tuned for more pics, can't wait to finish this one with the longer more accurate spine with shoulder blades. I will be using it for my personal one as well. Working on the clothes while these dry.

This was just started, but you can some of my past ones at my youtube page sirbrad4. But these wil be even better. Thanks!
Finished painting all the parts to match as close as possible, added strapping, and finished off with perma wet to give them a nasty wet look as usual.

Added the lighter white highlights and various other colors to get the more realistic aged bone look, now will got back and add some more subtle yellowing. I like this color better as it shows better at night through the clothes, was a tough color to get right but I am very happy with it now. Also dry brushed all the cracks with darker colors to really bring out the details Now to make them wet looking.

It is really something to see in person, about 6'6" with height boots. Some added info, the shirt is the biggest I ever had to use 3XL, so it is one size too big but it filled out nicely with the smaller muscle suit and latex parts. I added some more latex rotted skin in the shoulder areas to have more exposure. Also since it is a commission and the shirt is larger than the mannequin takes, I glued in the parts in the arms and thigh areas so the customer does not have to worry about matching up an undershirt, or wearing one which makes it hotter to wear. An undershirt looks better but it is tough to be sure the parts will match up on a person without them in front of me. But it is usually tight in those areas anyway.

I am really happy with how the bones look and you can see them well in the dark outside, it seriously looked like the movie and it was raining which really made it look creepy! I got some pics and video but not sure if they will show up. But got more pics on the way in daylight when I get a chance and it quits raining. Also I always leave a strand of material to keep the shin holes together, otherwise the hole will flare out and expose the piece. I also leave the cut a little narrow just to be safe, and the customer can open them more if they want. But on a permanent life-size which is not also a costume, I would have them full cut out and glued to an underpant. But with these I try to make the best of both worlds so that they can be used s a life-sized and still worn.
Damn look at those juicy ribs.

The last thing you want to see in the dark, because it will be the LAST thing you see lol.

Thanks, the gloves are from Nightowlpro. I also make ones similar when I get time.

Some more pics and outdoor ones.

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