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New Addition to my SG-1 Collection

Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by bobatrek, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. bobatrek

    bobatrek Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Since I'm mainly BSG, I don't have much SG-1, but I just added a R-75 bug to my collection. And since I didn't need it escaping and eating my meatloaf, I made a containment unit for it, sacrificing a Star Trek Franklin Mint Diorama Dome in doing so and adding LEDs to it. Small sacrifice. But it looks great next to my Replicator.


  2. khitomer

    khitomer Member

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    Very nice!
  3. Lost21stJedi

    Lost21stJedi Well-Known Member

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    nice, I have thought of getting into SG-1 props but just don't have the room for them right now and really don't wanna mix them with the Star Wars items. Closest I have is I made an SG-1 costume for Halloween 2 years ago and now it just hangs in the closet

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