Need Vintage Font HELP!

Mike J.

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Looks pretty good to me.

I don't think the L in "Re-Live" is capitalized, though... And it looks like "Re-Live" has some little arcs above & below it.

Does "Captured Alive" have an exclamation point after it?

I have no idea what that script font is, though...

Some free historic fonts here, at the bottom of the page:

Good luck :)



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Looks like the "On stage" section needs a white dropshadow. You might be able to get away with using a bold ariel, slightly stretched with a 1-2pt stroke, and then place the same text behind it (copy, past in back) and change it to all white, with a 3-4 pt stroke.


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You'll have to remember that if this was recreated like playbills of the time, it could all be hand drawn.

The bottom most text appears to be a Eurostile Bold Extended 2 with white dropshadow.

Luke Skyvader

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Talisen's right.

My father (born in 1924) Worked his way through med school (40's)
as an artist for some magazines & freelanced for years after. That stuff's all done by hand.

When I first started out in 83 to say computer graphics where not the standard is an understatement. To think of it as a paticular "font" that can be found and matched exactly might just frustrate you. It's most probably as unique as your handwriting, similar to others but not the same. Treat it as artwork