Need pics of Aayla Secura saber ep-3


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I was looking to buy one so I could hang it from Commander Bly armor , but I guess I'll have to Scratch build a Simple one ... :cry
any one got a good pic of one????
Google was no help...

Jose Z

Darth Lars

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She has the Ki-Adi Mundi - style lightsaber in Episode 3. At least, that is what I see in photos from the set.
This one is not as easy to scratch build as the Adi Gallia-one, if you ask me. (I have built Aayla's Adi Gallia-style saber)

[Shameless plug]: I have a Ki-Adi Mundi-style replica for sale, but it is oversized, expensive and very heavy. Might not be what you are looking for. [/plug]
I suggest you try looking for a resin cast, but the risk is that the ones you find are also oversized. With resin, it is easy to drill out the core to loose even more weight.


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I never knew many of the Jedi had the same saber.

Luuke's site was very informative..
Thanks for the help guys....