need help with vader armour

Jamie Davison

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I need some information on vaders armour. I have a set which is rather large, im not sure what type it is or if its the corrects size, but its far too big for me, im only 6ft and dont have very broad shoulders so its too big in both length and width. Ive heard a lot about different versions for sale that are 'Prowse' size or smaller versions. So... what im after is mesurements of different sets of armour so I can firstly tell if mine is more prowse size or not and secondly so that I can see which set would fit me best. Thanks in advance for any information you can give. :D


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I don't have any measurements on different armor but Prowse is 6'6 and had a 50 inch chest at the time so that should help you determine if the armor you have is roughly his size. I'm not entirely sure but it seems as though there are only two basic sizes, the full size prowse armor and the GT sized stuff. I believe the earlier GT armor was more narrow but the newer version is a bit bigger and the shoulder bells line up perfectly along the edge with the armor, albeit they are still to short. I'm 6" with an average build and mine fits perfectly. I wish someone would make a correct set of bells for the GT armor, that would be to nice. Hope that help a bit.



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snap a pic of it. I'll probably be able to tell you.
If it doesnt fit, I've got several options for you to make it fit. Don't get a smaller size of armor as it won't look right in proportion to the helmet. Rather, make the larger armor fit properly so it looks right. I'm 6 foot as well, slightly broad shoulders, but I did some mods to the armor and padded the undersuit to make me look prowse size. I'm about 6'8" with it all on. send me a pm if you have questions.