need help, with han solo esb blaster


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ok guys, i bought this blaster about a year ago from i bleieve fugazzi before he liquadated his collection and left. its built on a denix and has all metal parts(scope, scope rail and other greeblies) and well the paint was chipping you know, looks like it had the real crappy denix factory finish :p and well one night i decide i was gonna start sanding off the old paint , and well things just got bad from the second i started, the paint got real grimmy in the seems and other places, and well i was afraid to take it apart( i also just dont have the patients for it) and well ive been using mineral spirits and alot of elbow grease after wards trying my damnest to get the paint off, and that wasnt working ( remeber i have no clue what im doing) and well i began to use a wire brush, and well i didnt want to damage the aluminum flash hider, and there looked to be a small hole drilled into the bottom off it and then filled with metal, so i figure i could just go ahead and drill it out and it would come off, i mean that seemed likly enough. and well my drill bit broke in the process and so i didnt get a straight cut. so now im frustrated beyone belief and would be interested in hearing what you guys may have to say, is there anyone here willing to "refurbish" it, or should i just go off and sell it on the junkyard as a fixer upper. i would rather not sell it but in stead buy a new one, i got it as a birthday gift and well ive had a few memories with it, long story and not really star wars related.


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Just take it apart and wet sand it. It really isn't that difficult. There are four pins in three locations:

One goes all the through the fram and holds the hammer in place

One goes all the way through the fram and holds the trigger in place.

There are two pins that hold to the barrel/action assembly to the frame. One from each side that meet in the middle.

Just use a bit of metal rod and small hammer to tap them out (a center punch is ideal if you have one). Once the pins are out remove the screw under the barrel. There is a screw on each side of the grip holding the respecitve half on. Watch out for the springs in the trigger and hammer assemblies. They aren't likely to go flying out, but you need to pay attention to how they are positioned so you can reassemble them properly with out trial and error. It'll save you a little time when you put it back together.

You don't necessarily have to take off the rear site, but it may be more convenient to do your sanding with out it in place and you can remove the pin holding it in place just as you did the others.

Once you have it disassembled it will be much easier to wet sand and repaint. It's just time and elbow grease.


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alrighty ill give it a go, maybe one day i can buy a replacement and go ahead and display this one, assuming i dont end up crying like a little girl and chunking it into the woods.