Need help with Avatar upload


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I uploaded my current avatar from my PC. It is a JPG file.

Removed that Avatar using MY control feature for doing so.

Uploaded new JPG from my PC.

Under 9kbs
40x58 pix

New avatar will not load. Avatar defaults to old avatar.

Did same JPG file new avatar through a website. No problem, image appeared.

Uploaded same JPG file to My Profile picture, no problem., image appeared..

What gives?

cayman shen

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I'm having this exact same problem. I uploaded an avatar, then realized the detail was too small. So I cropped it on my computer, saved it as a different file, then removed my old avatar and tried to upload this one (several times.) Keeps defaulting to old avatar. Am I doing it right (remove old, browse, select file, update)? Should I just try again in a few days?


EDIT: Ok, about five minutes later it miraculously switched. Either you guys are REALLY on top of these technical questions, or it just takes the system a few minutes. In any event, I am okey-day.