need help with an Iron Man build!



Hey all, someone please help out! I'm currently building an Iron Man Mark IV out of EVA foam rubber and while I've used hot glue on the shoulder pauldrons, chest, back, and abs, I don't know if the thighs, arms and biceps will be able to handle the stress of movement. I've tried to seal those pieces with super glue but they keep falling apart. What have some others used to seal bicep, forearm,thigh and calf pieces?
im doing a ironman foam build my self but im not using eva foam im using the foam from camping mats which is a bit softer and the hot glue works really good on it well put it this way if you glue it wrong you have to rip ot cut the foam to get it apart the glue never gives hope this helps may use different foam for the bottom bits
Most of the Eva builds I've seen appear to use hot glue for all pieces. Indiefilmgeek is currently making an iron man suit, have a look at his thread for some tips. I'm sure it should give a helping hand.
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