need help! how can i make a jacket from scratch?


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i need help with how to make a jacket and jumper from scratch. this is my first time doing something like this and have no idea what i am doing.
i am currently working on two cosplays, Paxton fettle and pointman from F.E.A.R 3. i have got most of the props and thing ready but i am kind of stuck as to how to make the jacket for fettle and the jumper for pointman. any suggestions or tips would be very welcome


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I would suggest starting with a sewing pattern for one or both pieces. Jumpers are called by different names in different places. Look under jumpsuits and coveralls, I'm sure the internet has plenty of options both in patterns and in actual clothing.

As a last option, if you can find something close to what you want (very cheap), cut it apart and use the pieces as a pattern.

Best of luck to you,
Don Price
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