Need Help: Heroes for children


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Hey there Rpf members. I have been part of this community for about 4 years now and have cosplayed for almost 8 years. I love to do it and i love to see the lids faces on halloween and at conventions when i am able to dress like their favorite superhero. I want to take this to the next level. Although I am not a celebrity I think that kids in bad situations like terminal illnesses deserve to have their days brightened as much as possible. I a. In orlando florida and want to take my days off from my job which happens to be in the medical field to go visit kids in need. Now my funds are very limited since work has cut my hours and bills are rising but i figured maybe the rpf community can help out. If there is anyone out there that has extra costumes (super hero based) that they would like to donate please let me know. This is not for personal gain or use but nothing is greater than the smile of a child. I would post pictures on the rpf facebook along with on my own page and send pictures of the supporters costumes being put to good use. Obviously we want to make the kids happy and not scared so please refrain from offering super villains. I am going to be contacting all the hospitals in the orlando area and start scheduling. If anyone can hel please contact me.
Still hoping to find someone who wants to help out. If you are willing to help i could even return it to you dry cleaned just want to do something good for the community. Not looking for handouts so if you have anything at a reasonable price that would put a smile on the kids face feel free to let me know. All my funds have gone into my destiny cosplay and i certainly cant show up with a warlock character to the hospitals
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