Need help choosing clay!


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hello ! im doing an anniversary gift for an uncle of mine. he likes to drink . haha. so I thought I would decorate a patron tequila bottle for him with a sugar skull type of design. does anyone know of any kind of clay that I can coat a patron bottle with that I don't have to bake? like an air dry clay... or a method in which I can bake it without ruining the tequila inside the bottle without breaking the seal and taking the tequila out of the bottle? any help is much appreciated!

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someone told me to use celluclay... is anyone familiar with this and I it workable for sculpting small detais ?


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I haven't used celluclay before, but it sounds like a goopy mess; could be wrong, but likely not suited for what you're doing.

Apoxie Sculpt, or Magic Sculpt would probably be good for this.

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As Sinned said, Apoxie Sculpt is definitely a better option than clay but I'm not sure if it will adhere well to the glass.

Smooth On sells Free Form: Sculpt which is an epoxy putty as well, but I know that it will adhere to glass. You also have a longer working time, I believe.
You could use sculpty, instead of baking it, boil it. i would use magic sculpt . its a 2 part epoxy putty. Dries super hard. Its kind of smelly when it is curing.


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If you've got the time / budget you could take a mold of the bottle, sculpt on top of the (bottle) cast using an oil clay or plasticine, mold it, and then cast the sculpt in something flexible you can then sick back onto the bottle. A lot more work, but you could do a sweet cold cast piece or some such.
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