Need help building Klingon vest


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Hi I'm trying to build a leather vest worn by Klingon officers in the Star Trek Movies. I've searched high and low on the net and cant seem to find a good source for a pattern to make this vest. Any one have any luck making one of these?


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Look at the design as a few separate design elements put together. First there is a vest which has the simple straight lines with a Japanese ascetic. It has a peplum which flares over the hips. That seam is covered by the belt. Then there is the (padded) shoulder boards which convert the normal downward slope of the shoulders to look horizontal. The collar provides the front neckpiece which might be incorporated into the shoulder boards.


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So I bought the pattern from eBay from seller Joannes_friends HOWEVER the disk that came with it that is supposed to have the instructions on how to assemble it was blank. I contacted the seller about getting an alternative such as email or another disk but they said they have to contact their supplier and its dragging out. Does anyone have the files for the printable instructions for this Klingon pattern that you could share or email me? (I DO NOT need the pattern... I have them already. Just looking for a way to get the INSTRUCTIONS ONLY) There are a metric ton of pieces and codes on the patterns for assembly and this would make things soooo much easier.

Thanks for your help.
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