Need help about Rubies limited Darth Vader helmet


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Wife bought this off ebay $249 + ,thought it sounded cheap.Ring inside dome completely broken off ,base and coa is missing ,received a plaque#844 among other junk.unknown if that's the original box.Wife has not seen it yet
IN STOCK. From the Empire Strikes Back. Comes with all original packaging. # 962 out of 5,000. Retailed for 1,000.00 when it came out. Wearable, fully lined fiberglass helmet. Display base, numbered plaque and certificate of authenticity.

For sale is a Rubies Deluxe Fiberglass Darth Vader Helmet. This is a mold from "The Empire Strikes Back", and was officially licensed from Lucasfilm, Ltd. The limited run was 5,000 units, and this one is #623. Item is in excellent condition, and has only been used for display purposes. Inside of helmet is lined with foam, and has straps for wearing the helmet as a costume (wears comfortably). Comes with the base/display stand, and the LFL Certificate of Authenticity. This world-class piece will make an excellent addition for any serious Star Wars collector or costumer. So if the seller doesn't cough up the base should I request a discount?Or was it cheap enough


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I think you paid a pretty good price for it. (it does have the odd scratch/mark in it but still looks quite good), dome ring is a pretty simple fix. I'd ask the seller about the base and see if they provide it, if not you may want to ask for a discount about the missing stand but I personally wouldn't fret over it either way as the rubies stand (if that is the stand they were including) is nothing special.
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Ah, my mistake, the rubies limited I had didn’t have that two tone paint job on it. I’d still say you paid a pretty good price for it even if the stand wasn’t included. I paid 180 plus shipping for mine, but it was in piss poor condition and the dome I got was a lot softer in detail than that one for reference.
Contacted the guy and got $50 back ,he said he bought it many years ago and used a TOTS wall hanger.#855 is on ebay now with a broken base looks like cheapo plastic.PVC for a ring ?and what to glue it?
have a real sticky mess to clean off it.the foam inside the face totally deteriorated and anyplace I set it black sticky specks fall out of it

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