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I've watched this thing online for a couple of years, and it dropped below $200 on Amazon (eBay these things are ~ $230 USD + shipping). So some quick pics, compared with my Anovos Vader and the Hasbro Black series.


I have only ever owned commercially available Vader helmets: the cheap Don Post plastic Vader, the DP Classic Action ESB Vader, the Anovos helmet, the Master Replicas Revenge of the Sith helmet, the EFX A New Hope PCR, and the Hasbro Black Series/Obi Wan bucket.

So this is a Chinese made unlicensed helmet. Has a voice changer effect. Comes really well boxed and padded in shipment. Full size symmetrical helmet. Gloss black heavy duty plastic; the dome is heavier than the Hasbro black Series Vader. No neck flare like the ESB and ROTJ helmets had, and no cheek fingernail indents, either.

There’s molding wonky-ness at the tusks, and the mouth grill perorations still had some flash in one corner.

Nicely padded interior and a hard hat type adjustment. I initially thought this was going to be a Revenge of the Sith type helmet, but after some comparisons, it’s more like a Don Post Classic Action Vader type range, idealized.

You could definitely use this for trooping in an Empire or Jedi outfit, he would even work for the Revenge of the Sith as well. Of course, you could paint and customize this to look even better, but as is, I’m surprised at the overall size and quality.


Anovos on the left, and Lager on the right


My fiberglass Anovos above, and the Lager helmet second pic.
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I also own a lager helmet, it looks pretty accurate for its price! But i think it looks more like the helmet from Revenge of the sith than ESB.

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