Need advice from experienced poly resin and poly clay users


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I have something in mind that I want to build, but I haven't worked with all the materials yet so I wanted to check with some experienced users and see if there would be any problems with the final piece.

1. Is it possible to sculpt a negative image into a piece of polymer clay, bake it off, and then use it as a mold for casting poly resin? Or would they bond? I need something for the negative that would have the sculptable characteristics of clay, but able to be made permanent.

2. If I create a sheet of clear or colored poly resin of about two square feet, with a varying thickness of 1/8" to 1/4", and a light source behind it, would the heat from the bulb cause crazing or cracking? Assume a standard 40 or 60 watt bulb.

3. If this sheet of poly resin is hung vertically using 4-6 post screws into a wooden base, would it craze and crack at the drilled/molded screw holes under its own weight?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Ooh, I'm also very curious about this- I was going to try what you've explained in #1 there as part of a project but it would be nice to know ahead of time what other people's results have been.
Well I'll probably do a mini-test on a smaller piece, but that won't help me with 2 and 3. I'll let you know what my results are when I try it, but I'm still weeks away from being done with what I'm working on now.
Poly clay is mostly used by crafts people, to make figurines, jewelry and the like. You maybe should Google around for some arts and crafts forums.
When I did a search, there were 15 threads about poly clay... I guess I was hoping there was some overlap there, somewhere.

No worries, I was just hoping to get an idea what to expect before I started experimenting, or that someone could recommend something with similar properties that's more commonly used.

I am surprised noone has anything to say about poly-resin's heat resistance properties or brittleness.
Hi Tilandra,
Did you get an answer to the question wether polyresin would bond to polymer clay? If not I can do a little trial for you as I use both.
I don't see a cast sheet being rigid / self supporting enough from fixings merely in the base; I think it would need to be hung. If you want to drill it you must use a flexible resin additive, it is very brittle without.
I hadn't received an answer yet, no, but don't use your materials to do a test for me. I have both materials, and can do a trial of my own, I was just hoping someone had already done it and could answer. Doesn't hurt to save on materials if someone has made a mistake before me. :D

I have not tried using the resin yet, though, so your assessment of whether or not I could drill into it is helpful. Thanks. Off to source additives.
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