Need advice for Mr Night (Moon Knight)suit, please


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Hello all. I'm in a bit of a dilemna. I've found these two cosplay versions of the D+ Mr Night suit (available in several places, including AliExpress) and I'm having some serious doubts on their quality built (they look cheap and the fabric very thin and flimsy). Does anyone here ever bought one or the other version and can comment on their experience ? Also, did you had to have it altered/modified at all ?

Otherwise, what other options would you recommand ? I've thought of buying a used 3 pieces tuxedo, however, It'll have to go in some alterations despite the price for the whole suit, which is around $300.00 CAN.

Mr Night v.1

Mr Night v.2

So, what would you recommand between these options ?

Thanks (in advance) for your help
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