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I have been a model builder since I was 8. I remember getting my first plastic model kit on my 8th birthday of a Camaro. I had that model for many years until it had an unfortunate accident with illegal fireworks. anyway....

Is there anyplace online that has good tutorials and information on building with styrene? Is Evergreen the only supplier? I only see people using that in the few builds I have seen.

Any information and advice is appreciated.

Thanks much


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Evergreen and Plastruct both offer styrene, in sheets as well as strips, rods and other shapes. Plastic suppliers offer styrene sheets for less money, but you have to buy larger sizes.

Search Youtube for tips and tutorials on construction.

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Welcome Conook! Do you have a local hobby shop near you? Not a Hobby Lobby or Michaels, but a real model/RC car/train store? They usually stock all kinds of stock, trip styrene, and accessories. If you look up model tutorials on YouTube, the algorithm will start flooding you with pages. Just start clicking.


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Go to a sign/design bureau and check if they can sell you their offcuts. They throw them away or recycle them otherwise. You can take anything from pvc foam to PETG and PS sheets to play with. Like robn1 mentioned plastic suppliers offer larger sheets at good prices, but I am not sure how it works where you are. In EU you usually have to provide company credentials and tax accounts to buy from distributors.

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