Narin Spirit Blade


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This is such a phenomenal piece by Narin. I am honored to have this as my first piece from him.

I like to add a story to each piece I do. To me it just gives a good reason to the color scheme and detail work.

For this piece, (since the Spirit Blade is a young Elder) he is a seasoned hunter and therefore all hardware and armor has been upgraded to show his level of status. I went with a gold theme to showcase something a bit different than the standard steel color.

I added a few extra pieces to give it a unique look (such as, quills on the shoulder and triceps). I also added some leather strapping to the left arm, gave the bio some battle damage, added a magnet to the bio for easy attaching/removal, added hosing to the bio and cannon. The last thing I did was added pegs to both the stand and feet for extra stability. Narin's work does not need anything extra for stability, since he has mastered the balancing act for each piece he does, but I wanted something to completely remove any possible falling over. LOL

So I hope you all enjoy this paint up and look forward to more from me soon.








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Really, quite an exceptional job painting this piece. Wonderful hues to the skin tones that make it look like skin/ flesh. The detail work throughout is pretty breathtaking man. Excellent job.
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