Narin Hellbreed

John Hircock

New Member
Hi Everyone
Been busy with work and life however made a little more progress on the Predator. I've been punching in all the details and should be ready for patterns this coming week.




Well-Known Member
Looks awesome, John! The technique produces awesome results! I'll have to give it a go...

Did you apply a stain to the head to draw out the details?

John Hircock

New Member
Hey Justin,
All the head detail was airbrushed or fine point detail brushed using the shadow colour.
I did go back over some spots with either the base coat or hi light colour as well.

John Hircock

New Member
Blocked in all the armour, just working on the leather now. I’ve decided on a traditional Predator 1 pattern for the head. Lots of work left on this one. Thanks for looking. Any questions just ask.

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