Narim Classic Predator KIt


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Hello Guys is recive today 08/04 my first Kit By Narim Predator 1 Classic,

Sorry to be using google translator, I hope my words make sense!

Recebi hoje meu primeiro Kit do Narim, incrível escultor a peças é cheia de detalhes!
Gostaria da ajuda dos amigos e irmãos deste honrado lar, na pintura do kit!
Ajuda será muito bem vinda pois não quero cometer erros na pintura ( a "obra não mereçe erros" )

como crio os efeitos de sujeira?

Today I received my first kit Narim, amazing sculptor pieces are full of details!
I would like the help of friends and brothers honored this home, painting kit!
Help is very welcome because I do not want mistakes in painting (the "work deserves no errors ")

I create the effects of dirt?
I create the effects of dirt?
How to create those tangled lianas on the trunk?
and how do those ferns at the foot of the P1?

already painted two other kit's but were model boats!
will be my first time painting a model that is not a boat.

I use bitumen of Judea to the dirt?

I accept tips and help! thanks




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Very nice! all words written about our friend Narim this shows how he is loved and admired by all your friends! yes .. yes I'll try to put the steps here in this painting!

hugs hunters :)


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Promising start on this buildup.Thanks for sharing.
I remember the price of the Encounter kit with Arnold but can anyone post what this Classic Predator kit started out priced at? I am considering buying one.
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