Mythbusters is back!


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Hey everybody,

I was surprised to see that nobody has posted about mythbusters coming back. Anyway thought I would restart a mythbusters related thread. I was extremely happy with the RED RPG myth as it is one of my favorite movies. The motorcycle vs. car myth was quite interesting. I can not wait until the giant newton balls next Wednesday. Anybody with an opinion, please post.
Yeah, I would have bumped my Mythbusters Thread that no one wanted to post in, but I didn't bump it because no one wants to post in it.

It was a good episode.
New season, second half of season, whatever ya call it. I thought it was awesome. Loved the RPG. Looks nothing like what I expected. Watched too many movies I suppose...
I hate Time Warner Cable. They don't ever rerun the show from the past week. They have OnDemand, but is Mythbusters on there? Nope. :angry
I'm watching TW in NC, and each episode is repeated at 8PM the following Wed, just before the new episode.
Necro'd, but whatever.

Tonight's episode sort of annoyed me. They did a test where they had a bunch of planes flying in various formations in order to save fuel.

How is this relevant to anyone?

Next time my family gets together in their eight identical planes, I'll be sure to fly in a V. What a waste of time.
Well I think it would apply to bigger planes. Maybe mail planes going to the same destination.

The Lethal Weapon 2 myth was AWESOME! I've wanted to see them do that myth for such a long time. I was so happy that the film was actually confirmed. The liquid nitrogen actually working so well, was very cool (no pun intended). Can't wait for next weeks episode.

'Mythbusters' cannonball hits minivan in Dublin
A cannonball fired as part of an episode of the "Mythbusters" television show missed its mark and hit a Dublin home and a car Tuesday, authorities said.

The six-inch steel projectile was launched Tuesday afternoon from an Alameda County bomb range but misfired, careening off a hill before going through a home on Cassata Place and then coming to rest in a parked minivan, said sheriff's Sgt. J.D. Nelson.

No one was hurt, according to the Alameda County Fire Department.

Read more: 'Mythbusters' cannonball hits minivan in Dublin
How is this relevant to anyone?

It's a show about science and satisfying curiosity. "Relevant" is irrelevant. I mean, they test if an explosion will knock your socks off, or if shooting a propane tank will make it explode, or if sonic booms really break glass...these things will NEVER impact my life. It's just fun to learn.
I love when Discovery Channel runs a Mythbusters marathon. It's so much fun to have that show on back-to-back when I'm chilling in front of my computer doing work.
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