My V for Vendetta costume

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Immortal Goat, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Immortal Goat

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    But it's what I could throw together in time for the movie. All that's missing from these pics is my belt and black pants.




    The mask is the one handed out at last year's comic-con, the wig is a brown Peggy Sue wig, and the hat is just a pilgrim hat with the buckle removed. That's it for the accurate stuff. As for the rest:

    Coat: Just a Navy Peacoat that I had lying around my house.

    Pants: Standard black pants.

    Belt: Black leather belt.

    Boots: Don't have them. I'll just wear my black shoes.

    Gloves: couldn't find an accurate pair for cheap that fit me, so I'm just going with my Biker Scout gloves.

    Oh, and instead of putting nylon on the inside of the mask, I'm wearing a nylon facemask with a balaclava over that.

    Hey, at least I'll look the part for the premier tomorrow night.
  2. phase pistol

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    Quite foppish. :thumbsup

    - k
  3. allosaur176

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    looks great bro :thumbsup
  4. Jawafive

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    I always love to see comic-related stuff. Can't wait to see you finish this.

  5. stormtrooperguy

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    nice. i love seeing people in costume at movies.

    when i went to shaun of the dead, there was a whole group of zomies in the theater, and it made the night so much more fun.
  6. Immortal Goat

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    Well, last night's turnout was... disappointing to say the least. Aside from my group of 4, there were MAYBE 8 other people in the theater, so not too many people were able to enjoy the costume. BTW, here's some shots of me at the premier:

    Me with my friends Alan and Mary. He thinks it's cool. She thinks it's creepy.

    Me and my Girlfriend Jessi. She thinks it's creepy, too.
  7. IanL

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    Looks cool.

    Anyone have a source for these masks now?

    I saw the movie last night, and there was a disappointing turnout at my theater too (10-15 people max for the 9:30 show). Hopefully it was because everyone was getting drunk at the bar. I thought the movie kinda dragged in the middle, but I will probably give it another chance on video. I would like a mask though.
  8. Peralton

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    I think Ebay might be an option, but they are going for too much. I believe DCDirect will be releasing (or already has) a very nice version of the mask directly to comic book stores. You can ask them to order one.
    It will retail for $195, but it does look nice. I don't know if it is wearable.

    DC Direct V Mask

    I had heard at one point that it had been cancelled, but I think that was when the movie was delayed. It's on their website, so perhaps it's back, or I was misinformed.
  9. GundamZeppelin

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    DCDirect v mask you can wear a member here has one and says it's wonderful. look for his post and ask him about it.
  10. cookiemongoloid

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    You and your girlfriend have the same hair. :lol

  11. Immortal Goat

    Immortal Goat Well-Known Member

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    Well, we would, if that weren't a wig, lol. I noticed that, too.

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