My TIE pilot project


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Thought I'd show off my "accurate-enough" TIE flight suit:

Here it is... the base is a Blaklader 6270 work coverall. I bought it along with sone matching fabric for pockets and stuff from the manufacturer here in Sweden.
The TIE mods made to the coveralls are a compromise between screen-accuracy and coverall design realities - for instance, the front waist pockets are sewn on top of the existing coverall pockets in order to keep the structural integrity of the garment itself. This means that the leg pockets do not line up with the waist pockets, but are correctly placed instead. When worn, this is hardly noticeable.
I also decided to omit the chest pockets for now - should the need arise, I still have fabric left to make a pair. They won't be seen under the armor anyway...
So - I removed the coverall's original chest and back pockets and asked my friendly neighbourhood tailor to help me out with the detailing (my sewing skills are non-existent)...

The leg pockets. You can see the fake sewn-on pockets don't line up with them... it would have looked weird, and this solution works out fine.

The "Nebraska-shaped" pocket with two vintage dosimeters and an Elvistrooper arm tool - not canon for pilots, but looks nifty :D . I'm not really pleased with the curved commpad, though it's a lot better-looking now after some sanding and puttying - will probably make a new, flat one out of sheet styrene.

The right sleeve pocket. All pocket flaps have velcro fasteners.

The big issue with the coveralls was the standard folded collar. It was modded into a more accurate, approx. 2 inch-flap.

There you have it. Not 100%accurate, but it looks the part and will get the job done... B)
Looks great. I think the stitching and pockets look wonderful. Gonna look great. Besides, everyone's eyes are going to be looking at the helmet and chest box right away anyways.


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OOOhhhhhhh, sweet...

Have you put this up on the Omega Wing? They would really appreciate that.

Well done :thumbsup