My Scratch Built Miniature Back to the Future Hoverboard Set


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I've always wanted a miniature set of hoverboards from Back to the Future. I thought I'd take a crack at making them from scratch. Searching the internet for as much info as I could find as well as using pictures I've taken myself over the years as reference. It's amazing how many variations of all of these boards there are. Even the differences between all of the screen used boards is insane.

Here's a screen shot of my 3D design program showing my work at the time

Unfortunately because of the size, some details aren't going to be able to be 3D printed. For example, the details in the jets of the pitbull are going to be lost so I just went with the basic shape for the most part. Also because of the size, after designing the discs and battery box on the bottom side of the hoverboards and doing a test print it became clear that as much as I didn't want to, I had no choice but to use decals instead of 3D printed parts for the bottom. They were just too small to print nice enough.

Here's the set all designed and 3D printed. The Pitbull is 4.5" the rest of them are just a little smaller to keep it all scale.

a few shots of the progress

My time between the Fusion 3D and Photoshop has been pretty equal. Lots and lots of designing.



and just for fun, I designed a Nike MAG inspired board as well. I posted it in another thread but I'm posting it here too.

Here's a rendering I did of the Nike Board

I'll post updates as I get them created


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Thanks man! That was actually what triggered this whole thing. I wanted a mini Pitbull. The jets are currently glued and drying. I'll post a picture as soon as it's done. Now I'm looking for what I can use as the heat sheild that goes over the jets
I wonder if you can pilfer anything from train sets or doll houses/accessories?


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I wonder if you can pilfer anything from train sets or doll houses/accessories?
That's a great idea! I was also thinking the screen used on a screen door would be perfect. but I only need about 2 inches of it.

Here it is with the jets installed.


I might add a layer of clear coat but I'm not 100% sure about that yet. I just need to add the heat shields and this one is done!
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Awesome love all the mini hoverboards they are great, even the little box! Nice job! Where do I sign up for a set? ;)
Thanks! I could easily do a run. Unfortunately I'm not a premium member here so I don't think I'm able to sell anything on this board.