My Marvel Costumes so far (pic heavy)


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Hey all,

I've been lurking on the boards for quite some time, but decided after my first public appearance as Iron Man, that i've gotta post some of my photos of my Marvel Costumes. I made my first iron man suit, didn't like it that much, and so commisioned DR Industries to build me a Mark 6 which i've had absolutely so much fun with. i've had very little time to myself ever since i opened my own Rock School, so having them made my suits was the obvious choice. So here are my suits! I've also bought some zentai suits and made minor modifications to them.

Here we go!

Btw! My friends Don Robert and Izabel's Mark 6 is so comfortable. Though i did a little modifications when i got it, the legs are so comfy to walk in. The suit is airy, not hot, and soft and rubbery which makes it extremely flexible to walk with. I was walking around the Singapore Toy Comic Convention with it, and I went to work in it after that as well. A grand total of 8 hours.

If anyone is looking to commission a suit, i would deffo recommend them!
Thank you! I'm actually in the process of refining more suits. Im forcing my friends who aren't really into costuming to go as the avengers this year. There's still black widow, storm, war machine, nick fury and more lols
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