My Kermit and Grover puppets


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Well in a former life i was a kids entertainer, a good friend who is a great puppet builder and muppet fan built these for me, he did a great job, i never got to use them and they have been sat in a box for a couple of years, but with all the muppet talk on here lately i thought i would share

Kermit, a darker colour than the real Kermit but i liked it like that

They are both hand and rod puppets, i also have an Elmo and a couple of original designs he did for me.
I always planned on doing a super Grover, never got round to it though.
I may put them on the junkyard, someone should get some enjoyment outa them


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:eek That Grover is awesome. Really, he looks great.

...not to dis Kermit, he looks good too, but Grover is perfect.


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Yeah Bro... This place needs all the Muppets we can get...

Thanks for the pics.. They both look Great....

I will be keeping my eyes peeled in the junkyard...


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Well it did not get a chance to get to thejunkyard he is gone. oh well i still have old kermit..