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Little background, I'm designing my first pred suit and I've been running into mental road blocks. I want to go unique and having no art background or cosplay experience this is all new to me. So to orient and order my ideas I've started writing a story about him. Giving him life this way makes it easier for me. So I thought I'd share.
Keep in mind please, I have NO writing experience so bear with me.

Chapter 1

It was quiet on the ship. The only sound a faint hum as the engine steadily powered the hunt ship through the lone of space. Inside the darkened corridors deep within the ship the training room sat empty except for a lone figure preparing himself for the all-too-familiar routine. He's not the largest Hunter by his clan standards. At nearly 7 foot he was average with muscular shoulders and a wide chest. He was however accomplished, his carved tusks spoke of his pain tolerance and his passage into the elite. The scars that adorned his face were stand alone testaments to his battles. He is in all meaning, a male not to be challenged. He sat now in the training room preparing his mind and body for the greatest hunt he has ever done. He needs to be ready.
With a burst of speed and strength he simultaneously jumped to his feet thrusting the spear in a flawless motion, that only a heartbeat ago lay across his lap. With a practiced and honed hand he thrust the tip of the spear through the imaginary head of his prey. Quickly ducking a shoulder blow, he sank to a crouch and with merciless speed and accuracy, thrusted the deadly tip through the jaw and out the crown of his unseen preys head.
The spear has served him well. Claimed after he had dispatched a weaker, inferior Hunter. This was his prize, and it never left his side. forged from the tail and spine of a serpent the black spear was nearly 6 foot. The size was fixed, not being machined it could not retract. However this also made it stronger and better he thought. The deadly tip ended in 3 points with the serpent tip being the middle and he adding his own blades to flank it. This would make the weapon much deadlier. The wound would prevent easy mending and require extensive work. Which made it all the easier to track and finish the hunt. If the prey ever managed to flee. But he knew that the prey he was hunting would never flee, it would never admit defeat it would kill him if even given the slightest chance. Then again, neither would he.
Leaving the training room he made his way to the piloting station. With a soundless, fluid stride he crossed the metal grates that connect the separate sections of the ship. Stopping repeatedly to quietly listen and study his surroundings. Despite taking off alone on the ship he had learned long ago that there is no Safe haven. Hunters like himself were always cautious. Young bloods eager to prove themselves would claim his head if even given the slightest chance, even within his own clan. Of course these actions were always forbidden, but there are always those who test boundaries. Crossing the ship he passed the trophy room as paused. Admiring his collection over the cycles. Skull and weapons of kinds and sorts seldom seen by even the most traveled hunters. A trophy room an elder would grovel for.
Reaching the control station he effortlessly hoisted himself into the fitted seat and checked his course and heading. Feeling satisfied, he was about to leave and rest but something caught his eye. On the long range finder a reading was showing. Extending a clawed hand he entered a command and a holographic display of the reading materialized. The soft red glow illuminated the hunter, accenting his scarred face and casting ominous shadows across the cockpit.
A Hive transport was displayed. The ships were common in deep space as clans were routinely transporting serpent Queens to more fertile hunting grounds. However, this one struck the hunter is odd. The ship had seemed to be down powered and was floating at a lazy pace. Curious, he entered a command to access the ship and make contact but no reply came. Again, he tried without success. Although his hunt was priority Hive ships were highly valued and their cargo even more so. With a dissatisfied grunt he entered a new course to intercept and investigate.
Aboard the Hive ship all was silent. Throughout the eerie corridors silent shadows moved with deadly purpose. All with a single minded determination, protect Her. They had slain all aboard, and now it was time to secure and protect Her. Her, the mother and master. Quietly they slithered, moving amongst the crawl spaces. Their bodies, a deep black helping them hide and stalk. The bony protrusions acting like an armor in open combat, with claws sharp enough to eviscerate the toughest hides, they are death. Moving to points across the ship they wait and watch, for any foolish enough to threaten the Hive. But, for all their awareness they failed to notice the small blinking light on the range finder. The steady blinking began to increase in tempo as it drew nearer to its target.
Chapter 2

He had to escape. He had managed to seal himself inside the Hive trophy room and could hear the serpents relentlessly attempting to find a way in. He was slumped against the wall in exhaustion with trophies strewn about, usually a sacrilegious offense but he didn't care. Bleeding heavily he was beginning to wane in and out of consciousness. Everything had gone wrong, and in this scenario there would be no victory. Dying in combat was a great honor, but that did not mean he would charge head long into death. He would find a way to correct this treachery, and mount Her head on a stake.
The gaping hole in his chest throbbed bringing him back to reality. The wound was severe, maybe mortally so. Clutching his chest to stifle the bleeding he forced his other weak and battered arm to retrieve the med kit. He had used this many times before, but never so close to death. With practiced hands he retrieved the familiar paste and began mixing. The relentless beating continued on the door behind him. He snarled as the serpents repeatedly wailed their shrill cries, hungry for more. His fingers felt numb and clumsy. The haze of his surrounds began to blur and his grip on the present was slipping. The pain in his chest was slowly mounting. Putting the gel down he retrieved a long cylindrical object and depressed an indentation on the side. A long needle protruded from the end with an audible click, and without it hesitation, he plunged it into his leg.
A mighty roar escaped his maw and for a moment the serpents paused their protests, only to begin again with a renewed vigor. The injection took only a moment, but the burn was intense. It cleared the haze in his mind but he knew it was only for a short period. Hunters used these injections typically as a boost making them even deadlier for a short period. Making the eyes keener and hands faster, ideal for a hunter with a heavy wound. He chose this time to survey the room. He knew the serpents would eventually find a way in, but anything he could do to slow them now would help him escape. Escape. He hated that. Living by honor he would rather die, but that was not an option. The honorable way to die would be to a foe whom defeated you in battle, not by these vile abominations. Agitated clicks left him as he examined the destroyed gauntlet which had housed his preferred option for dying with honor, and taking these beasts and Her with him.
As he slowly and methodically examined the room he couldn't help but take in the trophies that lay before him. An admirable collection indeed. As he surveyed the room a particular trophy caught his eye. A massive triangle shaped skull sat as a center piece. The skull was as wide as his chest at the top with a great sloping forehead ending at the snout in a point. A fan of spikes protruded from the top of the skull with a row of smaller spikes over both holes which used to house the large eyes. Missing the bottom jaw it was incomplete, but the row of sharp teeth descending from the top of the mouth more than made it ominous. He knew this skull was a pathetic comparison to the creature he would soon be after. If he could escape from this.
As he continued his survey a slight, almost silent, rustle emanated from a maintenance panel next to him. He focused on the panel just as it burst open with a serpent launching itself at him from the hole. Without hesitation or thought he caught the creature by the throat. The serpent writhed and lashed out trying to make any purchase on its prey. The hunter spooled up his cannon and trained the sights on the creatures head loosing a bolt. The loud woosh ripped through its head and with a practiced aim, impacted the ground past the hatch. Effectively sealing that route from future use.
Casting the dead body aside he grunted in annoyance, setting back to the task of mixing the gel. The feeling of reality was beginning to slip again as the boost began to wane. He set back to the task an quickly finished. Scooping a large quantity and holding it above his chest wound he prepared himself. This will not be pleasant. In one movement he lifted his hand off his chest and plunged the searing gel deep into his chest wound. The roar that erupted from him would have shaken the ship to shreds had it been of lesser quality. The pain was everything. Nothing else existed. As his vision blurred he slumped to his side, the pain overtaking him. The blackness quickly enveloped him and try as he might, his grip on the current slipped into haze. The last sound he heard was an eerie silence, which with these beasts, was a bad sign.
Chapter 3

It had been 30 minutes prior as the hunter made the final approach to the Hive ship. He was curious, for the last 10 mins he had attempted, without success, to contact the dead Hive ship. Now as it loomed into view he stopped and studied the ship. The ship looked just like a normal mother ship only half the size. In an upside down triangle shape it seemed to have been stretched along its depth and ending in a slope like shape. Save for the large square door at the rear, for loading the massive reluctant Hive Mother aboard for transport.
The obvious reason, he thought, was the Mother broke loose and killed all aboard. Which had happened before, but in every case the ship was completely battle scarred. Hunters would never let the ship fall without a fight. The strange thing however, was that the ship was completely intact, and unmarred. He slowly circled the ship, looking for anything to explain what happened.
Nearing the bridge he searched for any presence that might explain what happened. What he saw made him abandon all hope of any Yautja survivors. The bridge, which was one of the most fortified places on the ship, was completely overgrown with the serpents bio structure. With his search ending he chose to hold his position just off the ships docking station. Leaving the pilot station he slowly and methodically made his way down, descending into the armory.
He didn't view his weaponry and gear as lumps of metal and straps. They were the pieces of his own body, they completed him. He always felt more comfortable fully geared up and ready for the hunt. Grasping his blade gauntlet he fit it to his arm, testing the tried and true blades. With a satisfying sound they erupted from his wrist protruding a half arms length out. With a satisfying purr of approval he retracted them and set to the rest of his armor. Lastly he held his mighty black spear in one hand and mask in the other. He vibrated with anticipation that he would once again face these worthy foes. He felt the rush of the hunt begin to course through him, giving him an almost uncontrollable feeling of elation. He lived for this, all Yautja did. This hunt was different of course, he knew his foes would be waiting. He knew their tactics well, knew how and what made them deadly and it only made his pulse quicken with excitement. Donning his mask he made his way to the docking station, ready for a fight.
Aboard the Hive ship a serpent was resting when it suddenly felt a small thud. Being cocooned into the walls of the ship any movement triggered its alarm. Slowly unraveling itself from the hole in the wall, the creature suspended itself from the ceiling. Its tail slowly waving to and fro in the corridor as if it were some sort of nightmarish clock, ticking away the last seconds of its prey. It was positioned just outside the main airlock, just as She instructed. Just then a door hissed open in front of the creature and it instinctually flattened itself against the ceiling, preferring to ambush the threat. A long hallway appeared behind the door leading to a new place. A large creature appeared in the doorway wielding a long object. The creature paused, watching the doorway. The two were staring at each other in a manner of sizing up the other. Then with authority, the tall creature roared. Roaring with an intensity that vibrated the serpent. Seething anger swelled inside it to be challenged so blatantly. Feeling it's brethren closing in the serpent broke into a crawling run, still along the ceiling. With its siblings in tow, they resembled a hellish black tornado spiraling towards this threat. But as soon as they grew close enough, close enough to taste its flesh, to rip it limb from limb, the door in front of the creature closed. Crashing into the door the serpents clawed and impacted the door, desperate to eviscerate this foe.
Just then the door to the Hive ship slammed shut, effectively sealing them inside the long airlock.
The Hunter sat inside his ship, quietly clicking to himself as he entered the command to jettison the airlock. The creatures were in a panicked frenzy realizing they were trapped.
As soon as he had docked with the Hive ship he overrode the computer system to take control of the airlock door, and once his quarry were inside he closed it. A soft hiss escaped from behind the door and then it was quiet. As the tube of serpents slowly drifted away. With his initial strike he had done 2 things, eliminated many of his foe and secured a way into the ship as those serpents were the closest to the entrance. Docking once again with the Hive ship, this time without the long airlock, he readied himself; he knew now the fighting began. Upon entering the Hive ship airlock he was startled to see the level of infestation that had taken root. The normally square corridors were completely rounded with the full maturity of a long standing Hive. It resembled more of a serpent ship than one of Yautja make. Slowly scanning the corridor ahead of him he made his way onto the ship, into the jaws of the beast.
This is good, you should do a fanfiction, that may not be your thing- but there are lots of knowledgable people who write and, could also help you
Ok, after some hecktic life events I've finally settled enough to goof off at work and continue with this story. :D

Chapter 4

Making his way from the airlock he proceeded calmly and sure-footed. No doubt the beasts will have noticed they are not alone and undoubtably, would be moving for an attack.
He paused for a moment, listening to the sounds of his prey. Lifting his gauntlet he punched a few commands in and watched as his display switched to a sensory mode fit for these beasts.
A green hue fell over the organic abomination that now coated the ships corridors. A small display shimmered to life in the upper corner of his view. Displayed was a graphical image of the hallways and rooms within a short distance. Using the sounds of creatures own calls against them. Once a serpent made a shrill or hiss the sound illuminated the area around it, making a real time layout.
He studied the map watching a ripple brighten the area ahead of him just around a corner. The odd thing was however, none of the ripples were moving. Instead of an all out assault the serpents are holding their locations. Although not quietly, almost like they are broadcasting their location intentionally.
This is new, the hunter hadn't encountered this strategy before and it both puzzled and intrigued him. The serpents were known for their cunning on the hunt, forcing hunters to change strategies and adapt.
As an experienced Hunter he knew that rushing in without knowledge would lead to an early death.
Slowly and methodically he studied the map. The main concentration of the serpents seemed to be focused toward the command deck of the ship. The Hunter began to make his way skimming the edge of the main body of serpents. Slowly he prowled the edge, looking for a slight opening. No doubt the Mother serpent was at the heart of this mass. Stalking the grotesque corridors and constantly vigilant he made his way to the other side of the ship. The serpents had made an almost perfect line of defense. Keeping him effectively isolated to the rear of the ship.
He could not breach the defenses to quell this uprising. He would much rather kill the serpents and subdue the Mother; a high prize indeed. A hive ship was a status symbol among the Yautja it was both coveted and respected. So destroying it was a last resort. The loss of both the Mother and ship would be a waste, gaining control of both singlehanded would boost this Hunter into legend.
Aggression began to radiate from Hunter. This unknown tactic and unwillingness to fight honorably annoyed him immeasurably. A low growl loosed from deep in his throat.
As if on cue the noise from the creatures ceased. His layout display grew dark and faded to the last image recorded.
The Hunter poised in mid stride, ready for a fight. Finally.
To his front a slithering wall of teeth and claws flowed to him. At that same moment a flurry of movement to his left caught his eye, a stream of serpents were flowing from right to left but not encroaching on his position. A young Hunter would relish this trail of the mighty. This Hunter was not so easily fooled. He realized the serpents were moving to encircle him, and a fight on 2 fronts with these beasts is not a wise decision. Immediately turning and fleeing to the rear, he was in search of a place he could stand and fight the beasts head on. Moving quickly he pounded his way past countless inner chambers. Reaching into his belt he retrieved a fist sized device, he knew that if he fired his caster carelessly or used too much of an explosive it may cause a breach in the hull.
Pressing a button the device sprang to life. The oblong shape buzzed menacingly. Releasing it, the device clattered the floor as the Hunter retreated. After a moment the device propelled itself to the center of the corridor hanging in midair. Just then a sheen distorted the air around it and with a thunderous clap the corridor sucked in on itself in a mass of bio matter and metal effectively sealing it off.
These tools were handy to hunters when they needed to direct their prey in confined and often confusing passages. Using it in this fashion worked, it just wasn't ideal. The serpents would eventually fight through the twisted gnarled mass and be on the surge again. It just needed to help direct the beasts, not hold them.
Still retreating he pulled another one from his belt, this was his last one. Tossing it quickly In front of him he halted. The device buzzed, jumped and with another thunderous clap sealed off the other end of the corridor. He had planned this perfectly. With the corridors to his left and right sealed, all that remained was a main corridor in front, the trophy room to his rear. Despite the tribe differences the layouts of Hive ships were all similar.
Hive ships were made this way for a simple reason, the very one he faced now. Hunters knew the layouts and could effectively hunt, lay traps and bottleneck these foes with ease. It was a common training for young hunters and one of many rites of passage.
With a roar of challenge he prepared himself for the fight to come. His blood raced and all his senses came to bear on the corridor in front of him. Flexing his wrists the sweet sound of the blades erupting from both gauntlets gave him even more elation.
With a soundless command his casters on either shoulder sprang to life and swirled into position with the tracking system also coming online. He was ready. This fight would be to the death. This was his calling.
Chapter 5

Time seemed to almost stand still for the Hunter. He stood poised at the end of his make shift kill corridor, as if a prize for only the most worthy.
A calm fell over him, one he had experienced many times before. His pounding heart now slowed, tension once radiating, now became subtle. This state of mind was a trade mark of blooded Hunters. A way to clear ones thoughts and emotions, to move on instinct alone. The rough wording for this was "Empty, void, without".
Although emotions were a very powerful tool, they could become uncontrollable. Sending a Hunter into a "blood-rage" and once a hunter lost control it was difficult for even his brethren to subdue him.
As the first serpent rounded the corner he was in full "battle mind".
The creature was moving at an extreme pace along the wall. Teeth bared, claws digging into the soft organic membrane coating the walls and sending chucks backward as it propelled towards him. Before it had a chance to dodge, a bright bolt ripped from the Hunters shoulder. The bright white light was the last thing the beast saw before its life was extinguished.
With smooth precision the Hunter loosed bolt after bolt increasing and decreasing the power of each shot to affect only one, or to cut through multiple serpents at a time.
After a few more shots he noticed something strange. Some of the beasts were clumping together in groups. He fired a shot at the closest groups leader, and surprisingly without even the slightest movement, it took the shot directly. Intentionally. Right after the beast fell, another took its place. These beasts were acting strangely, the concept of self sacrifice wasn't something unheard of in these creatures. All the times he had witnessed this action it was always in defense of the Hive Mother, a way to block her from injury; he never saw it in this way.
Just then a serpent leapt from behind the now lead creature lunging forward. This serpent was large, much larger than its brethren with an uncharacteristically wide head.
He had only a fraction of a second to categorize and devise a plan. This beasts head was not only large, but seemed to be built for this type of attack. An uncontrolled full strength battering ram. Seeing the creatures weakness almost instantly he took action. With a quick side step the beast crashed to the wall on his right leaving a massive dent in the organic coated metal. Before it could even reorient itself he plunged a gauntlet blade through its head. This beast was a one shot attack, too clumsy to movie agilely within these tight quarters. Foolish. Withdrawing the blade; the satisfying sound of metal drawing through flesh sung sweetly in the air.
Turning, the previous group that was guarding this lone juggernaut now seemed outraged at his act. With a unison screech they all lunged as one.
Falling backwards he smoothly took aim at 2 of the beasts and flexing his arms, brought his blades to bear. Multiple things happened in an instant, he fell back against the wall and simultaneously loosed the dual bolts into their respective targets heads. Then a moment later his blades found their mark on the two directly in front. Burying deeply into the serpents chests, and shortly after, exploding from their backs.
Standing to get his feet under him, he effortlessly hoisted both beasts lifeless bodies off the ground. Moving his arms apart he moved the serpents to either side of him. Their lifeless tails scraping the ground at his feet. His chest stretched wide and he inhaled deeply, straining his shoulder armor with his full girth brought to bear. With a monstrous challenging roar that vibrated the very walls of the ship he retracted his blades, dropping both beasts on either side with a sloppy crunch.
The beasts ahead stopped their advance, hesitating. Sensing their reluctance he capitalized on this and once again flexed his wrists and redeployed his blades. The slight back step they took only solidified his advantage.
Just then, something caught his eye past them. An odd shadow moved from where the beasts had been streaming only seconds before. His confusion at the oddly familiar outline caused him to question his vision. Quickly he changed vision modes to something that accommodated most known threats. With a quick distortion the world changed hues and all was revealed in a red and orange hue.
What he saw caused him to recoil in confusion. Standing at the end of the hall stood a female Hunter!
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