My Goonies display.

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by decaturvader, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. decaturvader

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    I finally get to show this stuff off.
    Technically, this ensemble is my very first creation to add to these boards :)

    I made the Map.
    Got the Key and Doubloon from Rylo.
    Made the artwork for the plaque and Wynnstudio made it up for me.

    I can only brag so much as far as the map goes (LOL), ya'll know Rylo's rep and I would like to add .02 about the plaque- it is awesome. It's engraved to give the 3-D representation of the logo I made.



  2. allosaur176

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    I like the whole display :thumbsup

    The dabloom looks pretty small though
  3. Boba Frett

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    The whole display looks pretty sweet :)
  4. decaturvader

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    Thanks guys.
    The doubloom is smaller than I'd like, but its detail is very fine...makes me wonder how it was done to tell you the truth. I have seen a larger one on eVilbay lately that is 3 inches or so in diameter and 100% metal.
    I'd consider upgrading the doubloon someday.

    Something else I wanted to do, but wasn't envisioning it, was to incorporate some jewel representing the treasure....but I was afraid of getting gawdy.
  5. PHArchivist

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  6. Rylo

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    I'm convinced there are two sizes of coins seen. The large map coin just doesn't make sense in real world reasoning as logical currency. It's the size of a saucer, after all. :confused

    I mean who would lug those around while daubloons are so much smaller?.


    There's no doubt that the map daubloon is BIG. I can see why the director would want to establish a larger is a rather important prop.

    I've always suspected the smaller pieces were a doubloon variation we just don't get to see up close in the treasure scenes. They are quite detailed. (pic below)
    Even the 1600's Elizabeth coin on the back is the correct size which suggests to me that the prop was enlarged when making the map coin.

    Great job on your display.

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