My Frist Spiderman 3 movie prop


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I posted this pic in another thread and I was not sure how many may have seen it
so here it is.

It's the unofficial, unlicensed sandman sand used in the making of Spiderman 3
taken right from the back of the armored car used in film.

What does sand go for on ebay :confused :p :lol :p :lol :confused

Even the bottle the sand is in was taken from the back of the armored truck
they were passing this water out to all of the film crew the whole day I was there

Now I need to figure out a way to display it

Thanks for looking


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You need to get back to the set, and rip a piece of Thomas Hayden Church's shirt off him while they film.
THAT would really make the display stand out.
(that, and a copy of the police report :lol )


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get a sandman bust and build a little tray for it. It would look cool in the sand..