my first suit


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Haven't really posted much but thought it was about time I showed off my suit put together from various places if anyone can help me identify were some of the pieces are from that would be great folks
Nice suit! I know I have seen the gauntlets here before, but I'm not certain I have seen any of the other pieces before. But I'm certain someone here will be able to identify at least most parts of the suit.
Hi man,
Right I believe the mask is 1 by Mark Ward, dreads could be a few guys most likely biohunter76
Gauntlets(avp), blades, torso(p2) and legs(p2) are defo chuck ruffkin aka ruffkintoy
no sure of the chestarmor as cant really see it
The hands and feet i cant tell as pic isnt clear
the shins(avp) are the 1s that uk predators made,
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